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Footwear times is an initiative by an open group to provide one stop information for footwear and retail. The effort is directed towards catering footwear and leather sector.

It is an effort for Fashion industry, unbiased and committed to serving the knowledge and information urge of the entire footwear sector. We believe that Right information at the right time is very important for today’s knowledge driven economy. Our news service makes the industry aware of the policy decisions affecting their business, performance of companies, brands, and the latest trends and technology. This effort update you on the challenges faced by footwear industries globally.

Globalization has made fashion to change at its fastest rate. Footwear among all is very complicated, often confusing and increasingly demanding. With ever increasing specialization, we need to know more and more about all and all this at the ‘speed of thought’

We are committed to provide timely, relevant and useful information, knowledge and cutting edge in a format which is easily accessible to our readers with the ease of click.

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