Budget brand opens fake luxury shoe store. Tricks buyers. Earns Rs 3 lakh

A budget shoe brand called Payless ShoeSource opened a fake luxury shoe store and named it Palessi where they sold the budget shoes for at least 10 times their original price.

People come up with all kinds of tricks to earn money and this US-based budget shoe brand did just that.

Payless ShoeSource is a brand which sells budget price shoes for $20 to $40 i.e, Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 approximately.

But since it is a budget brand, not many people would trust its quality and worth. So they pulled a stunt to increase their sales and make people understand that their quality was good.

Payless opened a luxury shoe store in Santa Monica, California and invited Instagram influencers to its opening. There, they sold shoes worth $20 for anywhere between $200 and $600 and people readily bought them thinking they were luxe.

The shoes sold like hot cakes and the store made sales worth $3000 or Rs 3 lakh approximately in just three hours on day one.

The buyers were even raving about the great quality of the shoes.

Little did they know that they were in for a surprise. When they were told that the shoes were actually the same as the ones that were sold at Payless, they were quite shocked.

The store owners eventually returned everybody their money and even gave them free shoes for all the 'trouble' that had been taken by them.

After the series of events went viral, Twitter was flooded with reactions about the same. Here are some of the best ones:

What it shows is how shallow people are. Because payless is seen as a store for the lower class they don't want to shop there. But put the same shoe with a new name a BAM! GOT EM!

Ruby Robinson (@datprettygrl) November 29, 2018

Do you know how embarrassing it’s gotta be to drop $650 on some boutique shoes only to find out they’re Payless in disguise? I ain’t even mad at Payless, that’s some elite level finesse, but imagine trynna stunt on ya friends & somebody say, I seem them shits at Payless dog.

X (@XLNB) November 30, 2018

If I was Payless, I’d legit open up fake pop up Palessi stores everywhere and make bank. Folks willing to drop that kinda money don’t care about whatever message you trynna send. Just make ya finesse coins.

X (@XLNB) November 30, 2018

Someone in the Payless marketing department needs a massive promotion, this is genius stuff https://t.co/ZU4JhPvXT4

Norgard (@BrianNorgard) November 30, 2018

This is actually an incredible marketing stunt and I am so proud of Payless. https://t.co/Iu3KzEry8A

retweet the sounding joy (@itsabsaf) November 29, 2018

Getting owned by Payless Shoes is just embarrassing

hopi1 (@hopi1) November 29, 2018

Never have I felt so clever for shopping at the real Payless.

David Slade (@DSladeNews) November 29, 2018
This was really one super smart marketing gimmick, if you ask us!

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