Puma and Pepsi Unveil Limited Edition Co-Branded Capsule Collection

In a day and age where pop culture is street culture, and street culture is pop culture, a co-branding opportunity between two entities each pertaining to one of the aforementioned groups becomes inevitable. In honor of the 50thanniversary of the suede Puma sneaker, the German sportswear brand decided to partner with soft drink manufacturer PepsiCo, for the Suede 50 Puma x Pepsi capsule collection.

The brand of beverages, associated with celebrity culture by many, is the latest to work with Puma on a limited edition capsule collection in which the German’s iconic suede sneakers are reimaged. Puma’s Suede 50 Puma x Pepsi collection has been preceded by partnerships with the likes of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, singer The Weeknd, cosmetics firm Mac, and Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari.

Puma’s suede sneakers hit the scene in the 1968, 20 years after being founded by German entrepreneur Rudolf Dassler. The shoes have since turned into a recurring factor across the segment of music, fashion, and sports. Suede sneakers aside – which are available in both a black and blue colorway, displaying an early Pepsi-Cola logo dating back to  the early twentieth century – the capsule collection consists of t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants as well. Across the co-branded apparel celebrating 50 years of Puma suede, the red-white-blue color palette is the common denominator. The unisex Puma x Pepsi collection is currently available on Puma.com, Puma retail stores, and select retailers worldwide.

Pepsi has earned the #29 spot on Forbes’ Most Valuable Brands 2018 list, with an estimated brand value of $18.4 billion. This year, the  New York-headquartered company sponsored the Super Bowl halftime show for a sixth straight year. The brand has built a reputation for itself when it comes to delivering some of the most buzzed about advertisements in contemporary history, often relying on the power of celebrity endorsements. Some of Pepsi’s most iconic former brand ambassadors include Cindy Crawford, BeyoncĂ©, David Beckham, and Jennifer Lopez. The beverage company found itself in hot water over a 2017 advertisement starring Kendall Jenner. The advertisement which premiered online, features Jenner amidst a crowd of protesters. The model is seen defusing the situation by handing over a can of Pepsi to a police officer. Critics argued the commercial made light of demonstrations aimed at tackling social issues, such as those organized by Black Lives Matter.

The Puma Group owns the brands Puma, Cobra Golf, and Dobotex. The Germany-headquartered company employs over 11,000 people, while its products are distributed across more than 120 countries. The Suede 50 Puma co-branded collections, come on the heels of a multi-year read-to-wear collaboration between the German heavyweight and recording artist Rihanna. Over the year 2017, Puma generated over €4 billion in revenues. This marked the first time the company experienced sales exceeding the €4 billion mark, due to double-digit growth across all regions. The Puma Group’s strategy has continued to focus on five priorities: increased brand heat, a competitive product range, a leading offer for women, improved quality of distribution, and organizational speed. The year 2017 was also successful for Puma’s golf business.

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