Liberty Shoes’ #ChalBadhChal campaign a perfect dose of gender empowerment

Conceptualised by the brand’s in-house team, the film stars ‘Hijabi biker’ Roshni Misbah who crushed all stereotypes and societal pressure to fulfil her dreams

Liberty Shoes’ line of sports footwear, Leap 7X, has launched its new campaign #ChalBadhChal, which showcases the struggle of a woman, Roshni Misbah, popularly known as ‘Hijabi biker’, who rode through all odds to become a biker.

The film starts with Misbah’s voice pointing out the hypocritical nature of society; how on one hand it talks about listening to one’s heart and on the other hand, can’t accept other’s choices. Misbah narrates her story of struggle, which started right inside the home. She brushes off all the taunts and keeps herself fit to realise her dream. Ultimately, she rose above all the fears of both family and society to become an avid biker. Through great visuals and a strong voiceover, it is a perfect dose of gender empowerment.

Barun Prabhakar, Marketing Head, Liberty Shoes, said, “The brand 'Leap 7X' is all about passion; passion to achieve something greater than our individual selves, make a mark and be remembered for the good things. There are many people doing their best to grow in their own domain or field, be it a college student, a job beginner, a sport enthusiast, an artist or an engineer, they all fight with everyday challenges to make themselves better and better. They don’t bother what people think of them, how the world is going to react, they just believe in themselves and they just do it ethically very sportingly. This is where this campaign comes up and says ‘Chal Badh Chal.’ Moreover, there are so many such diamonds in our country who are actually leaping every day to another level and setting a new benchmark for themselves. Chal Badh Chal is conceptualised to celebrate such youth icons, in a way to make it a perfect example for rest of us.”

According to Prabhakar, it was simple for them to connect the launch of the new sports footwear to the real stories of passion, courage and determination. “It took seven months for the journey, from ideation to execution. It took three days to shoot in Old Delhi and another three weeks to perfect music and song. And finally, we achieved this mind blowing story,” he added.

Talking about taking Misbah on board, Prabhakar said, “The biggest marker of a genuinely inspirational story is the amount of passion involved in it. That’s where our confidence came from to get Roshni on board. Her journey is a perfect example to set a role model for the brand. She is breaking gender and religious stereotypes.”

Prabhakar said the campaign will showcase multiple inspiring stories that will unfold in the next couple of days. “The upcoming one is about a guy who is making ‘basketball’ new favourite of India after cricket. This story has multiple inspiring layers in it,” he said.

Prabhakar feels the trend of content marketing has changed marketing in a big way and Liberty Shoes will focus more on content. He said, “Liberty has a legacy attached to its name. It is our responsibility too, to be genuine and connected to our consumers. When it is about expressing oneself, the content route is the best way to meet the objective.”

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