The world's most expensive shoes unveiled in Dubai. What is the cost?

The world's most expensive footwear were recently unveiled in Dubai. The shoe is adorned with 100 carats of diamonds, all flawless and set in white gold.

Have you ever wondered what the world's costliest shoes might cost?

If you were to think of a ballpark figure, it would probably be in millions.

And if you were to imagine what it may look like, it would probably be studded with diamonds and made of platinum or gold, right?

Well, you can put a break on your imagination because the world's most expensive shoes just went on display in Dubai... and they are exactly all of these things.

Priced at USD 17 million (Rs 1,23,28,57,000 - Rs 123 crore), this shoe is adorned with 15 flawless 100 carats of diamonds, all set in white gold.

The gold shoes took almost nine months to design and were created by UAE-based brand Jada Dubai in collaboration with Passion Jewellers.

In fact, even the logo that is inscribed inside the shoes, is made of thin gold, in order to make walking comfortable for the person who will wear it.

The brand boasts of making shoes that are made with only diamonds and this new addition, which is also the world's most expensive shoes, is made of the rarest-of-the-rare passion diamonds in the world.

The shoe was launched at the world's only 7-star hotel, Burj Al Arab, where it its jaw-dropping price tag was unveiled.

The shoes that were on display at the hotel was a prototype of 36 EU standard size and will be sold on custom orders only and the price will remain the same for all its buyers.

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