International footwear and athletic apparel brand Reebok just launched vegan sneakers made from sustainable cotton and corn, CBS News reports.

The launch follows an announcement made last spring, where the company said that it was developing a shoe made entirely from “biological materials” in an effort to be more sustainable. According to the website, Reebok’s new “Cotton + Corn” sneakers are comprised of a 100 percent cotton upper and a bio-based sole made from a corn-based plastic substitute. Additionally, the insole is made from castor bean oil, the fabrics are left undyed, and the packaging is made from recycled materials. The new sneakers are the first-ever “75% USDA certified bio-based shoe[s].”

“So sexy comes down to design. We used the silhouette that we know people love and we made it out of these new materials,” said Bill McInnis, who heads ReebokFuture.

“It didn’t start out with corn and cotton, it started out with recycling, compostability, where do we want to land. Our issue with recycling is you recycle plastic, it’s still plastic…You’re not getting rid of the problem,” McInnis continued. Roughly 20 billion pairs of shoes are made each year and around 300 million end up being sent to landfills. Traditionally, shoes are made from petroleum, which is known to pollute air, water, and soil. By choosing more sustainable materials, Reebok is taking a positive step towards protecting the planet.

“The idea is how do you get rubber and plastic out of the process and replace it with natural things that grow like corn,” McInnis said.

To make its cruelty-free, plant-based soles, Reebok milled the grains and then fermented it into a bio-based product that is eventually turned into a shoe sole. It took Reebok a total of five years to create the new vegan shoe in order to manufacture a product that was functional and appealing to consumers.

“When you want to make your shoes out of something completely different, there’s no vendor that you can go to that has something ready for you to work with, you have to invent it,” McInnis said.

Reebok is not the only iconic brand that’s turning to more sustainable materials. Last July, Adidas, parent company to Reebok, announced its commitment to using only recycled plastics in the production of its shoes and sportswear lines by 2024.

Reebok’s sustainable sneakers are available in unisex sizing and one color, “Natural/Chalk.” While the shoes are not biodegradable as the brand originally intended, the brand says that it is working on a second version that will be compostable.

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