Do you know Jennifer Winget's biggest fetish in life?

Popular television actress Jennifer Winget has a fetish for something and she admits she is really crazy about it.

In an interview with IANS, the actress said that she is crazy about footwear! Jennifer loves shoes and has a room full of them. 

Yes, you got that right. The Bepannah actress is crazy about shoes and she can't have enough of them.

Irrespective of where the telly star is or what she's doing, her eyes always wander in the search of footwear to buy.

The stunning actress is seen flaunting her huge collection of footgear on Instagram now-and-then, and her fans and followers can't stop drooling over them!

Expressing her tremendous love for footwear, the actress said, "I have a room full of shoes, heels and sneakers and everything. I am just crazy about shoes. I just love shoes."

The actress apparently has a room full of fancy, comfortable, dressy footwear.

"I am not crazy about bags or watches. For me, anywhere I go for a holiday or for work the first thing that I go and buy are shoes," Jennifer told the news agency.

Well, she isn't lying. We all know how much importance, she gives to shoes in her Instagram posts.

Jennifer Winget says she doesn't fancy endorsing or owning shoes that can't reach the common people.

Talking about keeping it stylish yet real, she said, as quoted by the agency, "I want people to use it and not just look at the product and say ‘Okay, this is nice but they cannot afford it' or they cannot relate to it. So, it is very important to me that whatever I endorse has to be usable by me and the people who watch it (campaign of a brand)."

Even though Jennifer Winget gives abundant importance to what goes on her feet, her beauty overpowers everything!

On the professional front, Jennifer is currently seen in Bepannah.

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