CFTI Students design footwear for diabetics

It is no longer a challenge for those with diabetes to find the right kind of footwear.

M V Hospital for Diabetes has collaborated with Central Footwear Training Institute (CFTI) to create aesthetic footwear for those affected with diabetes. Twenty five models -13 for women and 12 for men were launched here on Thursday.

M V Hospital for Diabetes head and chief diabetologist Dr Vijay Viswanathan said, “The footwear is designed by students of CFTI. Our motive if is to save the legs of patients.”

He also pointed out that amputation is preventable to an extent if the patients wear the right kind of footwear. Most often, people hesitate to wear medical footwear, so this time it has been designed it to look like normal ones, he said.

CFTII Director K Murali said, “Thirty Five students came forward to make designs for the footwear. The designer footwear has a soft insole and a specially crafted outersole. They are ideal as it offers pressure reduction under the foot while walking. It is particularly useful for those with neuropathy and loss of sensation on their feet.”

Diabetes can cause nerve damage and poor blood flow to the feet. Proper footwear plays an important part of an overall treatment, even at the earliest stages of the disease.

At Royapuram, six to eight workers make 40 pairs of footware a month and a pair is sold at Rs 1,500, Murali said. The footwear is currently available at the MV Hospital in Royapuram and at its branches at Adyar and Velacheri.

Special features 
* The footware is cow softy leather used as upper material
* Has padded collars (foam)
* There is adequate width
* Extra space for toes
* Micro Crepe Polymer available
* PU soles for stability and shock absorption

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