Save your Suede and Leather Shoes with these Easy Ways

Taking care of your suedes and leather shoes often becomes cumbersome, but investing in a good brush and spray can help, suggest experts.

Prem Dewan, Retail Head at OSL Luxury Collections -- Corneliani and Saggar Mehra, Creative Director at Sunil Mehra, have listed few ways:

* Suede erasers: The dust, dirt or dry stains on suedes can be removed using suede erasers that are designed especially for this particular type of leather.

Use cornstarch to diminish oil stains on suedes. Don't worry if the eraser crumbles and the fragments accumulate in the suede.

* Suede brushes: Never use wired brush. Instead, buy suede brushes designed and made using soft bristles that will not rip the shoe hair. Don't ever try using shoe polishes on suede. A good quality suede polish should be used instead.

* Suede protectors: These generally come in spray form and protects your shoes from water and any other greasy stains. The formula contains a special polymer which produces an invisible protective shield and thereby ensures that your suede lasts longer.

* For mild cleaning: Cleaning, polishing and conditioning the leather shoe regularly with high quality cleaners, polishes and sprays is recommended. It is recommended to use non-silicone shoe spray to prevent the shoe colour from changing.

* For patent shoe cleaning: Using cleansers with silicon will help to retain the shine of the patent leather shoe.

* Shoe horn: It is recommended to use a shoe horn while wearing the shoe as it helps in protecting the back shape of the shoe, thereby maintaining its shape and extending the shoe life.

* Shoe tree: It is highly recommended to use a shoe tree as it helps in absorbing the moisture and also helps in maintaining the shape of the shoe. A wooden shoe tree made out of cedar wood will help in moisture absorption and extending the shoe life.

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