Design a Nike, wear it and go!

If you have a little time - 90 minutes to be precise - you can get a pair of Nike's Presto X designed and made while you wait. Nike's latest innovative offer is by invitation and will be available in New York just now. The brand expects the idea - called Live Design - to kick off elsewhere very soon.

These are one-of-a-kind versions of the Nike Presto X, a silhouette specially created by the Nike Advanced Innovation for the Nike Makers' Experience. There are two versions of the shoe, a traditional Presto and a slip-on. Both are equally suited to the process of customisation via dynamic object-tracking and projection systems that instantly bring designs to life.

Nike Makers' Experience comes from Nike By You Studio, Nike Advanced Innovation Team in New York. Live Design was created by W+K Lodge, a key partner to Nike's Advanced Innovation.

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