Shoe that fitted his need, Red Chief helped design special shoe

Ask, and you shall receive, they say. That’s precisely what Praneeth Kumar from Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, who met with a bike accident in 2013 and suffers from a foot deformity did. He approached various footwear companies for customised shoes, but none of them responded to him.

Later he approached Red Chief, a men’s footwear, accessories and apparel brand, through Facebook. Within a week, Red Chief responded and promised to help him overcome his disability. “There is no greater disability in the society than to see inability as a person as more,” says Barun Prabhakar, DGM of Designing and Marketing, Red Chief.

Speaking to Express Praneeth Kumar says, “Initially, my parents were hesitant about getting shoes because they had worries about the price of shoes and the design. Later on, they were happy watching me walking confidently with this shoes.

Red Chief team responded to me within two days and came to Puttaparthi and took my footprint and details” Praneeth was on cloud nine when he received the shoes within 45 days and says that now he is all geared up to go abroad to complete his MBA.

The company has recently announced ‘Veer’ campaign to celebrate youth who not only made the country proud through their remarkable achievements, but also changed the lives of many by offering  their own good. The heroes, all of them  determined and  individulaistic, have inspiring stories.

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