Nike's Unofficial 'Dad Shoe' Is One Of Its Best Selling Sneakers

Thanks to its slick design and "it'll go with anything" quality, Nike's footwear is favored by fashion snobs all around the world. But there is one shoe from the iconic brand that you never thought could become its top seller.

Say hello to the Nike Air Monarch, aka "the underdog" or as Business Insider points out, the quintessential dad shoe.

Designed by Rob Dolan, The Nike Air Monarch was first released in the early 2000s. Jason Mayden took up the reins of the project and released Nike Air Monarch II some years later.

Mayden went off to work with Jordan afterward, but what he did with the Monarch lives on until this day. Currently in its IV version, the shoe still tops Nike's best-seller lists. In an interview with Nice Kicks, Mayden spoke about what makes this shoe such a success, starting with the inspiration for its design:

"I based the shoe on various people in my life that meant a lot to me. These were people who were significant figures and people who were archetypal father roles that included coaches, my fifth grade teacher, and my art teacher."
The design of the training shoe was based on comfort, featuring an extra wide width, simple design with a sober palette and very affordable price ($55).

As Jason recalls, it wasn't a sexy shoe since it didn't feature any of the newer technologies: "From a business perspective it was significant and very important, but from a design perspective it was undesirable."

However, throughout the years, the shoe – proudly sported by people like Pete Carroll, coach of the Seattle Seahawks – has become an archetypal part of the everyday 'American dad' look.

So much so, that it has amassed a large follower base that professes its love for the shoe under the hashtag #teammonarch. Check out a selection of this Dad Swag below:

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