Sneak a look at the new Kevin Durant shoes: The KD10

Kevin Durant has some of the most popular shoes, not only among NBA fans but among players themselves. It's not uncommon to see a pair of KD9s on an NBA court, especially among the Golden State Warriors, and they're a popular choice among hoop heads. Most prefer to play in them as opposed to showing off, but they rarely look bad.
Today on Twitter, sneaker heads got a sneak peek at the new KD10 that will be coming out soon. Fans should get a closer look at them later Tuesday night on YouTube. It makes sense that Tuesday would be the reveal with the Warriors opening up their second-round matchup against the Jazz.So, the KD10 themselves. They're fine. Not awful by any means, but they lack the flash that other shoes out there have. However, these look extremely comfortable to play in, which seems to be the top priority for KD brand shoes. The material looks like it breathes and hopefully the inside won't tear up the bottom of the users' feet too bad.
The only complaint is the shoe being shown here is kind of boring and will get dirty way too quickly, but it would be weird if they didn't come in other colors. Also, the fat shoelaces look a little strange. Besides that? These are solid shoes that will likely be just as popular as the KD9.

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