Leather bigshots to invest Rs 1,000 cr for tanneries in Kolkata

Expressing their satisfaction with the infrastructure at Kolkata Leather Complex (KLC) and the vision of the state government, big players in the country's leather industry have decided to invest Rs 1,000 crore to set up tanneries covering an area of two lakh square metres within the complex. Amit Mitra, the state Commerce and Industries minister, said: "There was a two-hour meeting with Mukhtarul Amin, chairperson of Council for Leather Exports in India and the delegation of businessmen led by him.

In the meeting, they went through a detailed map of KLC and decided to invest Rs 1,000 crore to set up tanneries on an area of two lakh square metres. It will enable the generation of around 6,000 direct jobs and there will be another 4,000 indirect jobs created because of the development of the tanneries." He said that the businessmen were also presented with a proposition to take steps to reopen 50 small tanneries which had previously been closed due to various reasons.

Amin said: "We went to eight different states as there is a major expansion plan. We found Bengal most suitable after going through the roadmap prepared by the state government and the vision of the government has also pleased us. Thus, we have decided to invest in the state." He further said: "In the US, buyers are not looking to India for business in leather goods. However, Finance Minister Amit Mitra has a very good vision and we are hoping to bring business in this sector from many countries and the investment is going to take place in Bengal." In reply to a question on the availability of raw material for tanneries with unauthorised slaughter-houses being closed down in Uttar Pradesh, Ramesh Juneja, Regional Chairman (East) of the council, said: "It will not be a problem as we are not concentrating solely on Uttar Pradesh for raw material. There is sufficient availability in Bengal and if needed we can import it as well." There is around 1,100 acre of land in the KLC, where at present 385 units including tanneries and shoe manufacturing factories have come up on 312 acre of land. A solid waste management system is being developed on a plot of 50 acre.

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