The best shoes for traveling and getting through airport security faster

When you’re rushing to catch your flight before takeoff, every second counts. Despite the fact that while growing up my father insisted we arrive at the airport two hours early (or, possibly, because of this), I've adopted the extremely bad habit of running late at the airport.

Sprinting through crowded terminals and getting frustrated with pleasant strangers who are getting ready for a family trip to California because they don’t know that if you’re standing on an escalator, you should be on the right side — these are the moments that fill my travel days.

One of the toughest and most important aspects of making your flight is getting through TSA security with efficiency. You can’t control how well the people in front of you know the rules, so do your best not to resent them having more than three ounces of liquid and just be ready.

We've given out travel tips before, but one of the simplest ways to get through security lines faster is to wear a pair of slip-on shoes. Rather than attempting to lean over and deal with laces when you’re weighed down with luggage, you can kick your shoes off with ease and keep your brain focused on what matters — not losing your wallet.

Below we’ve put together a list some of the best slip-on shoes to help you get through security with ease. With all of the stress that travel can bring, having the right pair of shoes gives you one less thing to worry about
For the business traveler, a quality pair of penny loafers is an easy choice here. You can slip them on and off with relative ease and still look ready to work in your suit and tie right when you arrive at your destination.

One of the best values you’ll find comes from New Republic; the shoes pictured above go for just $78. But if comfort is what’s most important to you and you can afford the price jump, Wolf & Shepherd also has a great loafer made to provide the feel of a sneaker.
Chelsea boots are a great look for anyone looking to mix it up a bit with their slip-on shoe game. An iconic part of the 1960s fashion scene in Britain, Chelsea boots now are popular for their ease and style. This pair from Wolf & Shepherd is made with the same technology as its penny loafer, so while the price is a bit steep, the comfort is worth it. Same goes for Allen Edmonds' version. For something more affordable, Jack Erwin is another brand worth checking out.

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