Adidas launches footwear for para-athletes

German sportswear giant adidas on Friday announced the launch of a unique footwear initiative -- 'Odds, which is a pair of shoes for the same foot -- catering to the needs of the para-athletes.

The initiative emerged from a simple insightful idea from ad agency Taproot Dentsu of giving para-athletes, primarily blade runners, a pair of the same side footwear they need, rather than the generic pair that is sold to consumers.

The campaign is being launched by Taproot Dentsu and Carat Media and is led by an inspiring film featuring marathon runner Major D.P. Singh, India's first blade runner with Kabir Bedi lending his voice for the cause.

The film captures the Major's life and his passion for running. Major Singh believes that "losing a part of the body does not lead to disability. Losing the will to fight out odds, does. Celebrate odds and be the winner. If you wish to give up anything, give up giving up. That's the message I wish to give everyone. And that's the reason I run everyday".

Speaking about the initiative, Damyant Singh, Senior Marketing Director, adidas India said, "At adidas we live a simple principle. No Athlete left behind. This philosophy is at the heart of 'Odds by adidas'.

"It is our way of encouraging and cheering Para-athletes on to achieving their best on the field of play and we hope Major DP Singh's story inspires many more to live their dreams and prove that Sportshas the power to change lives."

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