Live Wire: Running shoes can be recycled

Nike has a program called Reuse-A-Shoe, which takes old athletic shoes - any brand - and chops them into bits of stuff called Nike Grind, which is incorporated into surfaces of tracks, tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds and the like. Some of the material may also be used in the manufacture of things like zipper pulls on Nike sportswear.Since the program began in 1993, Nike says it has recycled 28 million pairs of athletic shoes.
 It says surfaces made with Nike Grind cover about 632 million square feet - nearly enough to cover Manhattan.

You can make your shoes part of the process by taking them to a Reuse-A-Shoe drop-off location. The closest one in this area is the Nike Factory Store at Carolina Premium Outlets in Smithfield.

If your shoes are only gently worn, they'd be welcomed by a number of places both near and far. Those include nonprofit thrift shops operated by the Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries. For other ideas, check

Q: How long does a Chapter 13 bankruptcy stay on your credit record? - F.A., Fayetteville

A: Seven years, starting from the date that you filed for bankruptcy.

If the information remains on your credit report after that point, you can file a dispute with the bureau(s) in question.

If you filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you'd have to wait an additional three years for it to edge off your credit report. That information can be reported for 10 years.

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the debtor reorganizes his finances and pays them off over time. In a Chapter 7, the debtor pays off what he can and his debts are then erased - though the fact of his bankruptcy remains, of course, on his credit record.

You don't have to do anything to get the bankruptcy information removed from your credit record, according to the credit bureaus. Once the time limit is up, that information is supposed to drop off automatically.

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