Slip into a pair of Adidas shoes made from ocean garbage

Asked to imagine a shoe made from ocean garbage and you might think of rolled up chips packets for laces, a discarded flipper for the outsole, and part of a plastic bottle for the tongue.
Thankfully, Adidas, in partnership with conservation group Parley for the Oceans, made a bit more effort when faced with the same challenge, creating a stunning piece of footwear as stylish as it is functional.
A year after unveiling a prototype of the Adidas x Parley shoe, its designers this week pulled the wraps off a ready-to-wear version constructed with yarn created from netting and dumped plastics pulled from the ocean.
The ongoing project aims to demonstrate how recycled garbage can be transformed into something useful, and also to highlight the environmental issue of ocean garbage and efforts to deal with it.
The shoe was created using Adidas’s Tailored Fiber Technology, described the company as a “revolutionary manufacturing technique that enables unique footwear designs to be tailored to the individual needs of any athlete.”
Adidas’s Kelli George, the company’s senior materials manager in footwear materials, posted an interesting account of some of the work it took to sort  the garbage and turn it into workable material for the shoe. The process involved “manually unpacking the cords [and] shaking out the ocean gunk” before throwing the whole lot into a washing machine to give it a good clean.
At the start of this year, after the garbage had been transformed into a usable material, Adidas was presented with a bundle of “the most beautiful teal green yarn,” George said, adding, “I made everyone look at it, I told my children about it (who frankly didn’t get what was so exciting about it!), I oohed and ahhed over it. It is quite beautiful, though I may be a little bit biased.”
Having created the new shoe, George said the company now has “the understanding and the know-how [to] potentially provide the solutions for future manufacturing processes

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