Can you tell a gentleman by his shoes? Here's the truth

Can you still tell a gentleman by his shoes?
"Of course, that's what accessories are for," says Hidesign's Dilip Kapur, who apart from Chairman-' ning ' the men's shoe division is quite a style consultant himself. And today, he is dishing out on some sole secrets and shoe styles that are trending world over.
So, what can a shoe really tell about a man ? "While at work, a nice leather shoe tells both positions of the man and that he understands the impression he makes is important. At formal occasions, nothing still beats the leather soled click and the brogue understated details.
One shoe every men should own in his lifetime?
"A brogue leather soled shoe", for every time he needs to make an impression at work, or with his mother-in-law, or to his private equity investor, this will do it all.
One mistake every men makes while buying a shoe?
One mistake you should not make: Don't miss checking what's inside the shoe. The lining is what will make your feet feel good - check if it is leather (avoid synthetics, cotton is second best, if you can't afford leather linings). A leather lining will also make sure your shoe keeps its shape as it will expand and shrink with the weather, the same as your outer leather.
The one shoe that would probably keep most people happy is a moccasin or a driving shoe that is formal looking, but is essentially casual because it has no laces. It could work with a casual suit and jeans.
Three shoes men must invest in during their lifetime?
Sports shoes for keeping fit, a formal pair of shoes, and driving shoes for casual occasions.
Hacks to make shoes last longer?
Good leather needs minimal care, but a little cream made from natural oils will keep them from drying out and keep them supple. Stuff them with paper when you don't use them for a while and keep them somewhere that has air. Do not put them in a plastic bag! It can't breathe -- imagine it is your skin!

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