5 hacks to take care of leather shoes in the rain

Are we done with summer, yet! Not really but it's always nice to prepare well in advance.
Today, Neha Kumthekar, from Oceedee shoewear brand, is guiding us on how to prepare our leather shoes for the dampening season that is monsoon.
1: Get natural as you air-dry your shoes
Don't ever forget to let your shoes dry naturally! Of course that is whenever they get wet, even a teensy bit wet. This is the key to basic hygiene and to make your shoes last for long. Also, never make the mistake of drying them with a hair dryer or using extreme heat on your delicate leather because it may crack up. Air-dry your shoes naturally under a fan at normal room temperature for the best result.
2: Store them right!
Those lovely pair of rather expensive leather shoes that cannot come out in monsoons, need care too. They should be kept comfy-cozy to avoid moisture from sinking in and causing heavy damage. If you are not using some shoes regularly, be sure to stuff them with newspaper and put them in a heavy cloth bag. Be super careful as your wooden cupboards might also absorb moisture in this wet season. To further avoid moisture retention by leather shoes, keep sachets of silica gel or place a bowl of soda bicarbonate in your wooden cabinets.
3: Fight the mould!
God forbid! But if at all your shoes do grow fungus on them, you don't need to throw them off right away. It's difficult to treat them but definitely not impossible! The best chance of recovering them is by scrubbing them gently with an old toothbrush. However, you have to ensure that nothing is left behind, not even in the smallest crevices of the shoe, since it will all grow back. So clean them properly and air-dry them naturally to avoid further attacks of the mould.

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