The Most Comfortable Shoe Is Making a Comeback

The most popular and probably your go-to pair of sneaks back in high school is making a comeback this year, and as someone who collects and wears sneakers even on regular days, we believe you must cop a pair.

Dubbed as the T-shirt for your feet years ago, the Nike Presto is back but with an updated design and armed with better technology. I know, I know, you’ve heard of the Prestos making a comeback, but the specific pair we’re talking about will come with a Flyknit upper—think about the support and the ventilation that can give you! It’s called the Nike Air Presto Ultra Flyknit (P8,095) and it comes in a variety of delicious colors, and it comes in white, in case you’re wondering.

Can’t wait to get your own pair? It will be available this coming May 5 at Nike Park in BGC, Nike Stadium in Glorietta, as well as other authorized dealers like Commonwealth, Sole Academy, and Capital.

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