Experts stunned after finding 1,500-year-old mummy wearing 'red ADIDAS trainers'

A bizarre video shows mummified remains found in a Mongolian cave - that appear to be wearing a pair of Adidas trainers .

Archaeologists unearthed the 1,500-year-old female mummy, which seemed to be wearing red boots with three distinctive white stripes, an emblem which is now synonymous with the sports brand.

The body was found Mongolia's Altai Mountains, 2,800 metres above sea level.

And as soon as the video was released online, many viewers immediately pointed out the familiarity of the mummy's footwear.

Experts claim the woman was actually wearing simple footwear with three white bands to hold it in place.

The body was preserved so well due to a year-round temperature of almost zero degrees in the cave where it was found.

B. Sukhbaatar, Information Database Specialist at the Khovd Museum, said: "We found the stone burial in the mountains at an altitude of 2,800 metres.

The average temperatures is from two to four degrees above zero Celsius, and it was about zero degrees in the cave. Therefore, the body is well preserved."

In addition to the human remains, an entire horse with a saddle was also found.

Clothes, an iron kettle, a clay vase and a bowl were also scattered on the ground.

Archaeologists believe the cave is part of an ancient Turkic burial site.

The Turkic peoples are a collection of ethnic groups that live in central, eastern, northern and western Asia, as well as parts of eastern Europe.

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