Ladies, now you can design your own shoes

Picture a pair of shoes you’ve been trying really hard to find – teal pumps, perhaps, or cobra print Oxfords, or glittering red patent leather pumps.
You can now stop scrolling online and just put together that dream pair yourself.
A five-month-old website,, offers women the chance to design their own shoes, picking everything from the shape of the straps to the colour on the insole. The site was started by Lucknow-based friends and MBA graduates Rishabh Singh, Shubham Gupta and Chinmay Sehgal.
“If you’re out shopping, you may visit a dozen shops and still not find the perfect pair,” says Singh, 25. “Our site allows you to create your own shoes, selecting from a range of soles, heels, heights, colours, fabrics and even ‘toppings’ like bows or beads.”
There are eight sole options, including ballet heels, pumps and Oxfords. Heels go up to a height of 100 mm (3.93 inches). Materials include suede, patent leather, and hair.
“There are lakhs of permutations possible,” says Singh.
It’s the almost endless options that drew Delhi graphic designer Astha Singh, 25, to the website. She has so far designed and bought three pairs from Purplehide – two pairs of ballet flats, and a pair of leather floral print loafers. “Because the style is yours and not mass-produced, you end up with a pair that is unique,” she says.
The shoes are delivered within 14 days. Future plans include an app and expanding their product base to men’s shoes, handbags, purses and wallets.

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