I've been a frequent traveler for just about my entire career in media and music and have always been a fan of slip on shoes while traveling, especially when going through that TSA line nightmare.

Laces and frequent airport visits or long plane rides are just not compatible in my opinion. So when I saw the new TIME slippers/shoes I had to get my hands on them for a test run.
At first, I was a little confused, ok a lot confused, as to what exactly these were? They look like sneakers, but are marketed as slippers... umm, whatI recently got a pair of the mid-tops (They also make High and Low-top models) to try out. At first look, they just seemed like a pair of sneakers very similar to the now extinct Royal Elastics brand
Upon closer inspection I noticed some of the key details that make these more of a slipper opposed to a full blown sneaker. The have a warm and plush wool liner with ample padding inside just like a conventional slipper might have, and the soles are super flexible and soft.

I slid the TIMEs on and wore them around the house for about 4 hours in bare feet and was in heaven. My feet were comfortable, did not sweat much and were protected from the impact of my hardwood floors. I love these things!
If you are a frequent traveler (a DJ for example) and looking for footwear that is extremely comfortable and stylish to rock on the plane, I would get a pair immediately. They slide off easily for security; the soles are durable enough for moderate outdoor wear, and they look like dope sneakers, so you don't lose style points.
If you are going to wear socks, then you might want to size up a full size as they run a little small. I would probably get the Low-tops or Mids if you are just using these for travel and light use, they are low profile enough to fit easily into any carry-on bag and still leave room for another pair of sneakers.

If you are a frequent festival-goer, these are a must to have post-festival when your feet are over you and your drunk festival self. It's like slipping your feet into a warm blanket that will relax you after a long day.
The TIME's are built lux, with leather uppers, real wool lining, and little details like a velcro tightening strap for a perfect fit.

You might get a little sticker shock on the price, but if you are going to rock these a lot, they are worth every penny

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