Local shoe store gives students a leg up on 5K Story

It took a little convincing, but Rochester Alternative Learning Center teacher Amy Petersilie persuaded 25 of her students to run a 5K this spring.

Students secured race registrations from Triton Events, but Petersilie realized most of the students weren't equipped to run the race as they started talking about training. She grew concerned as she looked at the flat soles on their shoes and listened, alarmed as students told her of plans to borrow shoes from their parents.

She didn't want students to resent the experience just because they didn't have a decent pair of running shoes to train in.

"I really wanted to make sure that this was a success and that they do enjoy it, no matter how fast or slow they do it," Petersilie said. "The real goal behind it is to help them start living a healthy lifestyle."

Petersilie and the students got a little help from the local shoe store Terra Loco. Tiffany PIotrowicz, the store's owner/manager stopped by the school on Friday and outfitted each student with a new pair of shoes, a T-shirt and socks to train in.

Students walked back in forth in pairs of shoes, trying to feel which pair were right for their feet, after Piotrowicz did a gait analysis.

"It just seems like something that would be good to do, and just an opportunity to give back to a group of students that might get the short end of the stick," Piotrowicz said.

The 7-12th grade students will begin training for the May Rockin Robin Run. The 3.1 mile race seems daunting to some of the students, many of whom haven't run before — other than what was required in gym classes.

But Amber Meyer, 15, said that now that she has all the right equipment, she's just got to get herself mentally motivated.

"It's going to take a lot of motivation to completely do this and want to," Amber said. "You just have to train and be on track."

Others, like 14-year-old Garrett Fisher, said they've run a 5K before. He said the new shoes will help his training.

"We could definitely use more conditioning," Garrett said. "It's very generous of them to supply us with such neat shoes."

Petersilie said the goal isn't for students to win the race, but rather develop healthy habits.

"My goal for them is to just go out and do a race and to know that you're racing against yourself, you're not racing against anybody else," Petersilie said. "You're running to run and to find that joy and love to run."

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