Dickies, Michelin make an anti-slip footwear for workers

What do you get when you cross a popular clothing brand with a world-renowned tire maker? If you're guessing some sort of sports apparel, you'd actually be wrong. Shocked? That might be the sentiment upon reading this headline but that's exactly what's going down. Dickies, famed for its line of clothing and footwear, and MICHELIN, the iconic tire maker brand, have teamed up to deliver what they say is the most groundbreaking anti-slip shoes, not for sporty types, but for those working in the service and hospitality industry.

Of course, it isn't just athletes and active types that need specialized footwear. Those in services and hospitality need them perhaps even more because of the nature of their job that often involves uneven or slippery terrain. That is where MICHELIN's expertise comes in. The soles of the shoes were inspired by the tire maker's City Pro tire for motorbikes, advertised for its ability to grip the road even on increasingly slippery roads. As such, these Dickies-MICHELIN shoes can withstand wet, greasy, or oil-slicked surfaces, the very ones these workers usually walk on
The shoes feature high-edged tread designs to increase their traction abilities, while deep groves in those treads not only provide better water evacuation but even comfort. The treads themselves sport multi-directional patterns that make it easier for the soles to adhere to any type of slippery surface.

The Dickies-MICHELIN shoes come in three styles named The Apex, The Charge, and the Dash. No availability details have been provided yet.

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