Choose the right shoes for your workout

When looking to buy a pair of shoes for exercise, it is important to understand the kind of exercise or sport you will engage in. This is because certain exercises require a particular footwear depending on the stress level and motion put on the feet. Qualities to look for include:

Walking shoes: You need shoes with flexible soles that bend more in the toe area. When you are walking, your heels tend to hit the ground first, then roll gradually from heel to toe. Flexible soles allow you to twist and bend your toe easily.

To extend the life of your walking shoes, either wear them only for your walks or try to rotate with them with a different pair. It is also important to keep track of the distance you’ve put on the shoes and replace them before they start exerting pressure and stress on your feet.

Indoor shoes: For exercise and sports such as aerobics, basketball, volleyball, netball and even table tennis, you will need pairs of shoes with very good grip. This is because the ground or the court surface is more slippery and without good grip, you might slip and fall.

The shoes are also effective with exercise that requires you to move side to side and even backwards. Make sure your shoes give you ample protection especially around your ankle area.

Running shoes: Exercise that involves long distance running - like a marathon and running on a treadmill - requires shoes with a great deal of padding underneath the feet and relatively little lateral support to act as shock-absorbers. The shoes also have a slightly elevated heel which helps to reduce the transfer of stress from the front of the legs as well.

They should also have a bigger toe box to accommodate the forward motion of the feet. Don’t wait until they wear out to replace them. How often you replace them depends on the surface you are exercising or running on, your running style and body weight.

Outdoor shoes: These types of shoes are generally meant for high energy sports and exercises such as hiking, mountain climbing and rock climbing. Such activities require a pair of high quality cross trainers because they allow a wide range of movements like jumping, running, moving sideways or even backwards.

They are also appropriate for both low-impact activities and weight training in the gym. It is good to replace them after every 60 to 70 hours of activity. This includes the time you have been exercising, playing sports or even outdoor events. The next time you go out shopping for shoes, it is better to find shoes that fit your exercise preference.

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