Agra footwear easing ahead of China in international market

Shoes manufactured in Agra hold a very important place in the global markets. In spite of the global relevance, the Agra footwear has always been behind China due to vast price difference. However, the current financial crisis that has hit China bodes well for the Agra footwear industry, as the Chinese footwear industry has slipped below India.
This was the feeling exuded the Agra footwear manufacturers who visited Italy to attend the Riva Expo Schuh international exposition held in Garda city. Returning from the exposition, footwear exporter Nazir Ahmed told India Today that if the Narendra Modi government could provide some support to the Agra footwear industry, it could help India pull far ahaead of China. He also said that Modi's buzzwords "Make-in-India" and "Ease of Doing Business" are reverberating all over the world and the people are willing to believe that India is indeed changing. The footwear industry of Agra could be the biggest gainer of this change in international perception about doing business in India, and only if there was a steady support from the government much can be achieved.
Ahmed also said that in order to surpass China in the longer run the duty benefits reaped multinationals should be extended to the industrialists at the rung of the ladder. New markets will have to be searched for footwear export which means that the largely untapped American markets will have to be exploited.

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