This Church Is Shaped Like A Shoe — To Attract Women

A place of worship is expressly targeting female congregants who worship shoes — thanks to its high-heel-shaped architecture. (No, really.) Next month, a church in Chiayi, Taiwan that's constructed entirely of blue glass and shaped like a pump will open its doors, according to

Apparently, the church intends to lure women in with its "100 female-oriented features," like biscuits and cakes, plus "chairs for lovers," perfect for couples' photo opps, a spokesperson for Chaiyi's seaside Taiwanese region told The Daily Mail.

Slated to open early next month, the church's debut is timed to the Chinese New Year on February 8. The bizarre edifice took more than two months to construct, is comprised of 320 pieces of blue-hued glass, and clocks in at 55 feet tall and 36 feet wide.

It's unclear what the strange structure's specific religious denomination will be. The church's name hasn't yet been disclosed, either, though Curbed's suggestion sounds pretty fitting: The Church of Our Blessed Misogyny.

As a tourist attraction and obvious photo-opp, a heel-shaped church is kind of brilliant. But as a tactic for drawing women to worship (since we all, you know, worship our shoe collections, obviously), it's pretty patronizing.

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