Now hide your toe cleavage with comfy glove shoes

Many would term this footwear unflattering, but the glove shoe trend was seen on the international ramps earlier this year, in all colours and varying heights of heel.

And post the Spring/Summer 2015 shows, these were worn in not just all the style capitals, but globally. Thanks to the number of international designers who have released variants in bright colours, pastels, gold and of course black, glove shoes teamed with skirts both knee and ankle length, folded jeans or ankle-length trousers, might just help make a sartorial statement.

Though most will agree that elasticated glove shoes have a matronly look and bear an unmistakable resemblance to overshoes, fashionistas state that they catch the eye. The name 'glove shoe' is sometimes used for 'barefoot shoes' as well, but both are different, with the latter having a toe-shaped front. With almost half of the top part of your feet covered, these shoes hide your toe cleavage, and give you an elegant yet comfortable look.

Stylists state that the flexible top and block heels give a modern feel, yet carry that classic yesteryear aura. Among the many names that this shoe has been given, including 'sock-like footwear' and 'flexi-shoes', the adjective 'unflattering' scores the highest. However, going by the trend, there are still many who would dare to experiment with these.

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