Lack of treatment plant adds to woes of leather industry

The leather industry in the city has been working partially owing to the unavailability of effluent water treatment plant. The 50 per cent of the leather industry units are said to be non-functional for long time because of the same.
The lone effluent water treatment plant in the leather industry with capacity 5.50 Millions of Liters per Day (MLD) has not been showing the proper results. Prior to this 1.50 MLD treatment plant was setup for the effluent water treatment that has been laid defunct for past many years.
Owing to the said factors, the leather industry that has already been facing crisis, seems have been gone awry.
Blaming the Centre and state government for the alleged indifferent attitude, the leather industrialists said that leather industry in Kanpur (UP), Chennai and Kolkata have been getting huge government support to setup fully functioning treatment plants.
"Under the Clean Ganga Project, the leather industry of Kanpur has been receiving huge supports from the Centre and State Government to setup effluent water treatment plants. Besides this the leather industry of the West Bengal and Chennai has also been the getting comparatively better support from their respective governments,”  said Romi, Director of Jalandhar Leather India Private Limited that export leather to Europe and other parts of the world.
He alleged, "Meanwhile the leather industry is being harassed, whereas the Punjab Small Industries and Export Corporation (PSIEC) Limited was given the responsibility to run the water treatment plant, the leather complex Jalandhar came into existence."
GS Majithia, Chief Engineer Punjab Pollution Control Board,  said, "Knowing the present scenario, the proposal for third treatment plant of better efficiency with the capacity of 5 MLD is under consideration. Punjab and Haryana High Court is Monitoring the same. PSIEC was supposed to look after the 1.50 MLD treatment plant that has been laid defunct since long."

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