Footwear, Exercise and a Healthy Lifestyle can Prevent Corn Foot

Most who take ‘corn foot’ lightly end up repenting later say dermatologists. They warn that self treatment too would lead to disastrous results. “It will worsen the condition of the foot and will make the person immobile. The problem keeps recurring when not treated correctly,” say doctors.


It is a thick and hardened layer of skin that develops when the skin tries to protect itself against excessive friction or pressure. Most often it develops on the triangular part of the foot, that is, on the big toe, small toe and heel as these are the pressure point while walking.

This problem is seen only amongst adult says specialists. “People who suffer from obesity, those who walk  and jump have this problem. Moreover, those suffering from flat foot and those whose jobs require them to stand for a long time are among the high risk groups,” says Dr G R Ratnavel, head of cosmetology department, Government Stanley Medical College and Hospital.


It is important that people wear proper footwear to avoid corn foot. Those suffering from obesity should be extra careful and wear appropriate footwear not unfit chappals. Some others lack adequate fat in their feet, they too should get their feet checked. Regular physical exercise and a balanced diet are important too.


The initial hardening of the skin will lead to secondary infections if not treated on time. “The hardening of the skin enters deep into the skin. So its difficult to remove the root of it with a blade or pin, as most people with corn feet do.” Dr K Manoharan, head of dermatology department, Madras Medical College said, “People try to scratch the top layer of the skin, but this will worsen the condition and will only lead to puss formation which might later get infected.” It  will make the patient unable to walk and surgical removal will be the only option. “Local anaesthesia should be given and the corn should be removed,” advises Dr Manoharan.


Hardening of a small portion of the skin foot with pain. Corn foot can be cured with ointments in initial stage.

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