Dubai mums start ‘Shoes for Sonapur’ campaign

Mums across Dubai have started a campaign to collect shoes for workers living in Sonapur labour accommodations
Mums from across the emirate have started a campaign to collect shoes for workers residing at the Sonapur labour accommodations.
The ‘Shoes for Sonapur’ campaign, which was launched on November 1 by the ‘Dubai Mums Helping Hands’ group on Facebook, aims to encourage male residents in all Dubai communities to donate their old shoes.
The campaign aims to reach as many of the 2,000 labourers living within the five square miles of the Sonapur accommodations located in Al Muhaisnah area.
Campaign organiser British mum-of-two Kari Troy, 34, said the purpose behind the campaign is to raise awareness about the labourers living conditions.
She pointed out that during one of the group’s previous trips to a labour accommodation, a worker mumbled the word “never” after being asked whether an expat has ever done something nice for him.
“That is when we realised how much labourers are forgotten, and we had to change that” said Troy.
29 drop-off locations
Running until November 21, the shoes campaign will accept donations at 29 different locations across Dubai. Shoes that are new or “lightly used” can be dropped off at most Dubai communities, including Silicon Oasis, Mirdif, Jumeirah, the Greens, Remraam, Discovery Gardens, Motor City, Sports City, Downtown Dubai, and many others.
Dubai mother-of-two Sharon Scott, 42, from Australia, has volunteered to help out by offering to include her home address in Jumeirah One as a drop-off point for donations. “I got involved in the project after reading about it on Facebook. It’s a good way to give back to the community and teach my children about helping others in the place they live in,” said Scott.
Another stay-at-home mum Jean Legaspi, 35, from the Philippines, has also listed her house in Mirdif as one of 29 drop-off points, and has collected seven pairs of shoes in the first three days of the campaign.
“I think we will have a great turnout this year because the Dubai Mums Helping Hand group has grown and more people are requesting to take part in the charity causes,” said Legaspi.
Partnering with a moving company called Mr Move, the Dubai mums group will hand over all donations for distribution after November 21. The moving company, which has offered to donate several trucks to the cause, will be driving to the Sonapur accommodations and distributing the shoes to labourers.
The ‘Shoes for Sonapur’ campaign started after the conclusion of another initiative called ‘Free healthy food Fridays’. The October campaign aimed to help workers maintain a balanced diet by providing them with bags of fruits and vegetables. Both causes are a part of a series of initiatives launched by the Dubai mums social media group, which focuses on bettering the lives of labourers. To donate to the ‘Shoes for Sonapur’ cause, please send an email to or join the ‘Dubai Mums Helping Hands’ group on Facebook.

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