3 footwear mistakes you must avoid

Socks with sandals
Socks aren't supposed to be seen outside your shoes, no matter how fancy they may be. Moreover, you're defeating the breathability of sandals by wearing socks with them.

Bling, bling everywhere
Yes, shoes with rhinestones may be a fad but an outrageous amount of sparkle is totally unattractive. It kills your outfit by forcing people to only stare at your shoes! If you love bling, make sure you use it minimally.

Heels that give you supernatural height
You have surely seen women towering above you in very high heels; who doesn't love wearing them! They make a woman look graceful and stylish. But you need not wear a five-inch heel when your height is already 5' 7". Save those heels for the ladies who really need a height boost.

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