The Haunted Shoes

Every year on Halloween night, the shoes in the Greenville shoe tree would come alive and attempt to attack anyone nearby. No one knew if this legend was true or not but four brave siblings wanted to know. Eddy, Eva, Ellie and Harold snuck out of their house at 11:03 pm. They had fifty-seven minutes to get to the shoetree before the shoes supposedly came alive. Eddy, Eva and Ellie believed the legend, but Harold did not. Eddy had tried to convince Harold countless times but he still did not believe.
“Come on Harold! Why don't you believe it?” Ellie said to him as they walked down the road to the tree. “How could shoes possibly come to life? It's not real.” Harold answered plainly. Eddy punched him in the gut. Harold yelped. “Ow! Stop it Eddy!” Eva held her finger to her lips. “Guys be quiet! What if the neighbors hear us?” the four kids looked around at the empty fields and trees. “What neighbors?” Eddy said. Harold laughed and punched Eddy back. Eddy leaned over and held his stomach but quickly regained his posture. But before Harold could get away Eddy tackled him to the ground and they both rolled into the ditch. “Miss what? It's not real, Eva!” Harold yelled back to his sister in a mocking voice. “Whatever you say Harold. Come on Ellie let's leave them.” Eva glanced back at the ditch and started walking again.
They walked for about ten minutes until they heard Harold and Edy running up behind them, all out of breath. “How long were you guys sitting in that ditch?” Eva asked them. Harold and Eddy lookd at each other. “Long enough.” Eddy answered. The girls looked them up and down. They were caked with mud from head to toe, and Harold had lost his shoes. “Where did your sneakers go?” Harold looked down at his swampy feet. “I don't really know …” He answered. He sounded very puzzled. He turned to Eddy. “Have you seen them?” Eddy shook his head. “Are you sure you were even wearing them?” he asked jokingly. Harold rolled his eyes “Of course I was wearing shoes!” Harold reached out to punch Eddy again but Eva stepped between them before the punch could reach Eddy. But unfortunately, she was hit instead. She gurgled and stepped back. “No...More...Punching!” she spoke in between gasps. Harold smirked. “Oops.” He shrugged his shoulders. Eddy chuckled. “Be quiet.” Eva mumbled.
“Guys”? A girls' voice said from behind them. They stopped bickering. “Who's out there?” Eddy called out. They heard footsteps approaching from behind them. “Maybe it's your sister? My goodness people! It's 11:55 you've been fighting for twelve minutes!” Ellie scolded her siblings Harold and Eddy rolled their eyes. “Sorry.” They both mumbled to her. “Let's keep moving, we don't have very much time left to get there.” The four started to move at once and within two minutes, they had arrived at the tree.
They stopped abruptly and looked at it. Eddy shone his flashlight on the tree. “It's so much creepier in the dark.” The rest of the group nodded in agreement. “My shoes!” Harold exclaimed. He ran up to the tree and pointed at a tall branch with two red sneakers on it. “They're right up there!” Harold was ecstatic, and Eva had to ruin it. “Harold, I'm sure someone else had a pair like yours and put them in the shoe tree. Like you said: How could shoes possibly come to life?” she mocked. Ellie looked worried. “it's 11:59.” She said in a low voice. Everyone stared at the tree. This is when they find out if the legend is true or not. Eddy held his breath. Beep beep beep! That was the alarm Ellie had set on her watch for midnight. Harold walked up to the tree and reached for his shoe. He was many feet too short to reach it though. He grunted and stopped reaching. “Here, let me try.” Eddy offered, walking towards the tree. Just as he reached his brother, the shoes fell off the branch and bounced onto Harold's head. Harold screamed and ran towards his sisters, in the process tripping over another fallen pair of shoes. He got back up and continued running.
“You alright?” Eddy called out to him from his position under the tree. “Yeah but get out from under there!” Harold cried. Eddy snickered “Why?” Do you think it's real?” he taunted Harold. Harold opened his mouth to answer when suddenly all of the shoes fell out of the tree, taking Eddy with them. “Eddy!” the siblings yelled and ran towards the pile of shoes. But they weren't quick enough. The shoes started to stampede towards them. It was as if there were invisible people wearing visible shoes. “RUN!” Harold screamed. The shoes kept chasing them as they sprinted down the road and into a corn field. The three grabbed ears of corn as they ran and hurled them at their pursuers. “When do they stop moving?” Eva yelled to Ellie. She picked another ear of corn. “12:05!” she heard Ellie answer. The corn was covered in dew and they were all soaking wet, but they had to keep moving. “Almost done!” Ellie shouted as she threw some more corn. Beep beep beep! Then there was silence. It was 12:05 and they had survived the rampaging shoes. All three were out of breath.
Eventually they found Eddy and hobbled back home, Harold without any shoes. They quieting entered their house and slept until they heard a pounding on Harold's bedroom door. When he stumbled over to the door to see who it was he saw nothing but a pair of muddy, red sneakers.

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