How to protect your leather accessories

Classy and chic, leather products need a lot of attention for their upkeep. Heavy on your pockets, with a few measures, you can keep leather accessories for a little longer.

Here's taking a look at some of them...

- By applying a moisture barrier and allowing it to set in before using the item, you can avoid the stiffness of your accessory. Try protecting it as much as possible from water and other liquids.

- There are many cleaners available in the market that helps in keeping leather items just the way they are. At home, you can make a solution with moisturising soap and clean your items with a wet cloth; do not rinse it, though, as it may lead to wearing out of the piece. Ensure that your cleaner leaves no greasy residue behind. For extra protection, there are brushes available in the market that helps in cleaning the obscure areas and those with stitches.

- In case your accessory is extremely expensive, you can protect it by polishing. But be cautious, since many of these chemicals contain colouring factors they may completely damage the item. Some of them also have a tendency to clog the pores in leather or dry it out.

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