Give your everyday footwear a facelift

Have you been spending a fortune on custom-made shoes? With the changing trends, it may be difficult to keep up with the pace.

But you'll always find a way out, giving your shoes a makeover may not be that big a task as it sounds, pasting and painting is all it takes... Here are ways to give your shoes a new look

Jazz it up with paints
If you have white PT shoes, you can add colours to it and make it look vibrant. There are various patterns you can paint — from Aztec to geometric designs. If free-hand drawing is not your cup of tea, you can trace designs onto your shoes. To make your shoes look edgy, you can choose from a variety of cartoon characters — Minions, Simpsons and of course the classic toons.If you wish to sport a bold look, try painting your pair of shoes in two different colours.

Lacey shoes
Laces are trending even in footwear. Take a pair of white shoes and you can paste lace in different colours and patterns. All you have to do is glue the shoe and then paste the lacey material on it. As it dries out, cut the excess material from the seam of the shoes. Neon colours are quite in and makes your shoes look lively.

These shoes look fancy and is a must-have in your wardrobe. Since buying one may be slightly expensive, this is how you can get trendy shoes even in a crunch situation. To make the task easy, buy flat-ended spikes that can be glue on to the shoes. If you want to make spiked heels, then you may be required to drill holes in the pumps and then affix the spikes.

Bling element
Get your party shoes ready in a jiffy. Buy some glitter packets and bedazzle your shoes. Neat pasting of the shimmer will add that bling factor and will instantly get you party-ready. Making glittery shoes is not taxing at all — apply glue on the surface of the shoe and then sprinkle it with glitters. Once done you can also add an outer coat of varnish. Voila, party shoes are ready.

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