Nike Flywire Technology makes this shoe fly

Technology is constantly changing our lives for the better and our shoes are not left out of the transformation. With every company looking to create better products with the help of technology, the consumer is benefiting tremendously. Nike's latest shoe is no different.
The lightest of the Zoom training family, it's branded as a "minimalist streamlined propulsion device" to showcase the technology it is powered by. The Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 has taken one of the most essential technological benchmarks, response time and applied it to a shoe, aiming to give runners a snappy response off the road.
The lowered offset of eight millimeters puts the person wearing these shoes closer to the ground for more control, and a sleek upper combines Nike Flywire technology, no-sew overlays and lightweight mesh for a solid offering overall.

According to Nike "Flywire technology consists of strategically placed filaments that function like cables on a suspension bridge to offer support precisely where it's needed. These strong Flywire filaments are applied to a minimalistic shoe upper, reducing weight to create Nike's lightest footwear. Paper-thin fabric covers the top of the foot, with Nike Flywire filaments attaching to the outsole and holding the foot in place."

Since the shoes are designed for running, the aesthetics have been thought of accordingly. The combination of the colors, makes it stand out and isn't something you can wear when you're not running as the neon color scheme manages to quickly collect dirt. The shoes themselves are one of the lightest I've worn, adding minimum weight and making it easier to keep running. The laces are designed in a way that they reduce pressure on the foot while also managing to keep the shoe's fit great.

Nike's Air Zoom Elite 8 is available to purchase for Rs. 8995. At the price, it packs good technology that makes for a great running shoe.

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