Adidas Star Wars Themed Shoes Coming Soon

With September 4th (Force Friday) rapidly approaching, Star Wars merchandise is being primed to go on display for purchase, in what will most assuredly be in mass quantities. There will be Star Wars toys, of course, novels and comic books, video games, and clothing. In that regard, shoe maker Adidas, seems to be getting in on the frenzy with their own special offering.

Website Sole Collector has just released a full spread of the Star Wars themed Adidas shoes that will be available for purchase in the very near future, and I’ve got to say, even though I’m a NIKE man myself, these Adidas shoes will have a special home in my closet
These two shoes in black and white seem to be VadeIf you’re not a fan of the Empire or Dark Side of the Force, don’t worry, Adidas has you covered with what appears to be Jedi themed shoes. Green and blue are traditional Jedi lightsaber colors.r themed, which means you won’t have to stick to black to rock the Vader look.And there’s even a Master Yoda shoe, as well.

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