Opening Ceremony Partners With Aldo For Spring 2016 Footwear

International retailer Opening Ceremony has officially partnered with Aldo Product Services for a spring 2016 footwear collection. The range will be designed by Opening Ceremony, but produced and manufactured by Aldo Product Services, according to Business of Fashion.
As a company, we are committed to growing this category and it was important for us to expand into areas in the footwear line that we previously were not able to access due to production constraints," Carol Lim, co-founder of Opening Ceremony, told BoF. "With APS, we don't run into those types of issues anymore."
The retailer currently produces footwear in-house, but moving forward its sales and distribution will be done in collaboration with Aldo.
Opening Ceremony shoes sell through over 200 wholesale accounts, but, with the new collaboration comes a new strategy. The two companies plan to draw up a strategy together for wholesale networking with speciality boutiques and international partners, according to BoF.
"We feel there is a perfect alignment between Opening Ceremony's design leadership and APS's unmatched production capabilities," Nicholas F. Martire, vice president of Aldo Product Services, said.
"Opening Ceremony is without a doubt one of the most inspiring brands of our time, and its success is a true testament to Carol, Humberto and the incredible team they have built," Martire added, referring to Opening Ceremony co-founder Humberto Leon.
Opening Ceremony had its last impressive collaboration back in November; The brand worked with Intel to launch a wearable tech smart bracelet, which sells exclusively at Barney's New York. The device is called My Intelligent Communication Accessory, or MICA.
"Today's modern woman maintains selectivity and exclusivity when choosing accessories, and MICA embodies a beautifully unique statement piece," Leon said in a branded statement. "The wearable space is an exciting, rapidly expanding category and it has been a thrill to be involved in the convergence of fashion and technology through this collaboration with Intel.

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