What does your choice of footwear say about you?

Your footwear, too, tells a thing or two about you. That's why it is essential to mind it

If you're gearing up for a date with a trendy outfit, but aren't terribly bothered about the shoes, think again. It could just bring your budding romance to a premature, juddering halt as that minor but important detail sticks out sorely if you get it wrong. Women can be judgmental and often, shoes have proven to be a rather disturbing distraction. After all, who wants a date with a guy who's dressed to give you a memo?

Here is a low down of what kind of shoes you sport say about your personality and the styles that are en vogue:

Keds or sneakers reflect a peppy and energetic personality. Perhaps a bit brash too. With keds in nice colours like grey, guys can match them with a variety of colours. For a more trendy and stylish look, fold up your jeans and trousers.

Pointy-toed lace-ups
These are clearly the ugliest of the lot and could do with banishment. The trend is to wear narrow trousers and sport slim fits, so it doesn't help if your footwear sticks out by four feet. Perhaps the ugliest footwear is where the nose of the lace-ups is turned up. People who wear these shoes show that they are completely unaware of themselves and their surroundings. Such people should be remanded in fashion police custody.

White running shoes
White sports shoes are meant for sports. Keep it that way. It's just lazy and shows that the person is not interested in the way he looks, if he is found pairing them with anything he wears. Also, it's impossible for them to stay white in a dirtmagnet city like ours.

Unless they are lace-ups and go no further than the ankle, they just show that the person is unaware of the environment he is in. For summers, this is hardly an option, but winters and at times during monsoons on a clear day, this is a viable option. When a man insists on wearing shoes that go past his ankles, he is trying hard to make an extreme style statement - following a fad for the sake of it.

Sandals/flip flops
Sandals, flip-flops and Kolhapuri chappals show a lackadaisical personality. In today's competitive environment, you need to look sharp and good. People tend to size you up on the basis of these details. Such casual footwear says that people are not taking care of themselves. People with uncut nails, ugly or dirty feet should be the first to cover up!

Brogues tend to be mature and elegant, if a bit boring. They can be paired with trousers or to dress down, combine them with jeans slightly cut-off.

Avoid the boo-boos
The designer suggests that you go with loafers as they're in. They're available in many colours, and people who can carry them off suggest a more confident personality. If you're going clubbing with your date, something slightly sporty works. A bit of sheen and colours will add the right dramatic touch to your look. If it's a date at a nice restaurant, go for a pair of shoes with a soft front, which are slightly rounded.

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