April shower shoes for New Orleans festival-goers

April festival season and April showers are a yin and yang we've learned to embrace. What else can we do? Certainly not skip French Quarter Fest and Jazz Fest because of a little water. Enter Butterfly Twist rain boots, which are making a splash this spring.

Just as any good festival, they offer a little something more than the expected. First, the rubber is lightweight. "I wear them every time it rains," says Christine Javier, co-owner of NOLA Shoes and Accessories. "They're comfortable and light; not stiff like most rain boots." And inside, a thinner version of the knit trim lines them top to bottom like a soft sock. The sole is cushioned for comfort. And because the rubber is flexible, the boots tuck easily into a backpack or tote. Just fold them over, and use the band that comes with them to hold them that way. A stow bag is also included.

Two notes on sizing: "Lots of girls have problems with boots going over the calves -- they can be tight," Javier says. "But these will pretty much fit any calf size." Also, she says that they run about a size large.

$80 at NOLA Shoes and Accessories, 3252 Severn Ave., Metairie, 504.454.6652. Ask for details about monogramming, which is a separate charge.

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