Top 5 Men’s Transitional Footwear Styles

The transitional period between winter and spring is awkward, isn’t it? No longer cold enough to warrant breaking out the big guns – sturdy work and hiking boots – but not yet warm enough to bare your feet in that new pair of burnished leather sandals either. It’s a no man’s land, and you’re just not quite sure what to wear to tread in it.

So what’s the solution? Much like your wardrobe, your footwear collection will benefit from a few key additions to take you through this difficult in-between phase in style. Not only will this add variety to your looks after months of wearing the same chunky shoes and boots, it will also increase your existing footwear’s longevity. Why? The longer you rely on just one or two pairs of shoes, the faster you wear down the heels and wrinkle the uppers.

But before delving into the best transitional options available, it’s worth heeding these three pre-purchase pointers:

Remember that quality will always better quantity, especially when you only need one or two pairs to help bolster your collection.
You really do get what you pay for. Shoes that you purchase from footwear’s most formidable brands like Barker, Church’s or Grenson will always trump high street versions when it comes to durability and comfort.
Take advantage of mid-season sales. With the lion’s share of stores offering discounts to clear stock midway through the season, there are plenty of bargains to be had.
Now that you’re primed, here are the principal styles that should be on your radar for the months ahead:

Desert Boots
The undisputed king of in-between. It’s not quite a formal boot, but it’s not quite a casual shoe either. A classic chukka silhouette that’s traditionally comprised of a suede upper and crepe rubber sole, there’s not a lot that these won’t go with.

Desert boots sit in the smart-casual sweet spot, which means you can team them with a pair of your favourite jeans, a button-down shirt and thick shawl neck cardigan and look considerably smarter than you should – given the little effort it requires. Or, for a slightly more military feel, you can chuck them on with some beat up Dockers chinos, a well-cut crew neck T-shirt and bomber jacket on the weekend.

Even if you already own a classic beige/tan suede design, they now come in such a myriad of colours, fabrics and price points that there’s no reason why you can’t add another pair to your collection.

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