Nike Launches an App Devoted to Shoe Lovers Everywhere

During last week’s NBA All-Star Weekend that was held in New York City, the SNKRS pop-up shop turned basket and sneaker fanatics heads. Among the many highlights from this Nike pop-up store that was made to look like a Nike shoe box covered by LED lights, was the introduction of a new app for those who wanted to buy Nike shoes online. The new app, called SNKRS, makes buying sneakers not only easier for customers, but also more engaging.

Those looking to buy sneakers can now follow certain models of shoes, which will be added to their feed so that they can be updated on the latest news on only the shoes that they like. They will receive notifications on when and where the shoe will release weeks or months before they are in stores.

If anyone is uncertain with what they want to follow or what everyone else is wearing, they can also go to the discover tab which allows them to see the newest trends and see which products are the most popular. With just a couple clicks, customers can buy the shoe with the app itself if they want.

Not only are these features useful, everything bought within the app will ship free via ground shipping. Besides helping people keep up with styles and purchased shoes, fans of Nike can get exclusive information that they may not be able to get anywhere else. Jesse Stollak, Nike’s vice president of digital commerce experience, revealed that there will be stories behind the design and inspiration behind shoes on the app as well.  At this time, the app is only available for iOS, but sources say that an Android version is coming later in the spring.

The app seems to have potential as the shoe industry is as lucrative as ever right now. Because Nike certainly has plenty of followers, the app should be a hit in terms of usage and branding. People can download the app just to see the newest styles, find out the latest information on the next big shoe, and to get behind the scenes information.

It will be interesting to see if people use this app to actually purchase shoes as some people want to try shoes on, see them in person, or go through the actual process of buying the shoes at a store. Regardless, it seems that Nike, always thought of as one of the innovators in the footwear industry, is looking to try something new yet again.

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