Folding footwear to save you from shoe thieves

Agra: Those worried about thieves running off with their shoes in religious places now have an alternative.

A city-based shoe maker has come up with the idea of a foldable shoe which can be kept in your pocket. Made of leather and foam, the shoe doesn't cost much, according to the maker, and comes in attractive designs for both men and women.

Owner of a small shoe stall in Sadar, 62-year-old Mustkim and his son Nazim Haji have come up with the folding shoe. The makers say the shoe costs anywhere between Rs 600 and Rs 800, depending on the size and colour. Presently, the shoe is available in limited stock but will soon be released in the market.

Talking about the idea behind making a folding shoe that has been prepared in a small home-based manufacturing unit, Nazim said he used to make frequent work-related visits to many cities in India and would often carry more than one pair of shoes. "This made me think about a folding shoe. The other aim was to save the footwear from thieves, especially outside religious buildings. Now, people can take their shoes with them inside such places," added Nazim.

The father-son duo said it took four months to make the shoe, which is made of foam mixed with a little leather. Mustkim said he now trying to make a similar shoe made of only leather.
Folding footwear to save you from shoe thieves

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