6 Blessed Remedies To Prevent A Shoe Bite

When you become the proud owner of that perfect pair of high heels and suffer later with dreadful shoe bites you regret purchasing those shoes in the first place. If you really love those shoes and don't want to get rid of it at any cost then here are some of the home remedies you can make use of to avoid a shoe bite. These tips to avoid a shoe bite has to be applied on your feet the night before you wear the shoe. For example: Olive oil is the best ingredient to massage your foot for shoe bite prevention. Olive oil makes the skin soft and supple, easy enough for the shoe to slide in your feet and not cause any pain. The other tip to keep in mind while using these home remedies to avoid the shoe bite is to get a warm pedicure first to remove dead cells.

Take a look at these awesome home remedies to avoid a shoe bite:

The best home remedy to prevent a shoe bite is by applying a layer of butter at the heel of your foot. Massage the butter over the heel and leave in over night. The next morning soak you feet in hot water and after an hour wear your new shoes on.

Olive Oil 
Olive oil is another tip to use to prevent a shoe bite. Heat a tablespoon of olive oil and use the hot oil to massage your foot. Massage your foot in a circular motion to soften your heel. Wipe your foot dry before wearing on your new shoes.

Milk Cream
Fresh cream is derived from milk. The cream is then mixed with a spoon of butter and applied to your foot. After 10 minutes, wipe the mixture from your foot and slide your delicate feet into your footwear.

Potato Juice 
Rub a fresh piece of potato over the heel of your foot. The juice is so effective that it also avoids inflammation and corns too. It is one of the best home remedies to avoid a shoe bite.

Powder Does
The Trick Powder is the perfect remedy to apply on your foot an hour before wearing your shoes on. Due to the slippery texture of powder it will glide your foot with ease into your new pair of heels.

Coconut Oil
Just like how olive oil is used, follow the same procedure with coconut oil. However, you can avoid heating the oil before application. This home remedy to prevent shoe bite should be used the night before to soften the heel. So far, it is the best tip to prevent shoe bites.

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