How Shoes Really Affect Women’s Lives

The Last One Standing – How Shoes Really Affect Women’s Lives

With the New Year social season in full swing, women throughout the world know the pain and joy the wrong or right pair of shoes can bring. In fact, Ziera Shoes surveyed 14,475 women throughout Australia and New Zealand leading up to Christmas 2014, only to find that 65% have had to remove their shoes during a night out due to pain.

Ziera found that the source of this discomfort was mostly due to poor shoe choice and badly fitting shoes. Not surprisingly for many husbands and significant others, 77% of women have bought shoes then never worn them due to incorrect fits.

Whilst 73% of women would rather their shoes be comfortable than fashionable when dressing for a special occasion, 35% of women said they would endure some level of pain for the sake of looking good.

“I think every woman has worn fabulous shoes and by the end of the night had to take them off from the pain. This is part of life!” said one respondent.

Angela Roper, head designer of Ziera shoes understands the damage to women’s feet,

“Badly fitting shoes cause all kinds of issues, not just short-term pain but can lead to long- term problems like bunions or even broken bones. Painful shoes do not need to be a part of life and a well-fitted stylish shoe is imperative for party season!”
Knowing how to create a perfectly fitted shoe that is stylish and comfortable is Ziera’s specialty. A desire for women the world over to find their perfect balance drives Ziera’s passion and drive to develop season after season of lust-worthy styles.

Ziera wants to encourage women to look for comfort AND style with their shoe purchases so that 0% of women need to suffer for the sake of fashion. To help women in 2015 – Ziera are calling for women New Zealand wide to tell them their stories and go into the draw to win a week’s worth of shoes via their Facebook page. The competition opens on Wednesday 7th January and closes on Wednesday 14th January, 2015.

SURVEY DETAILS: Ziera Shoes surveyed 14,475 women between 30 – 65 years of age in Australia and New Zealand throughout November 2014 via direct email and Facebook messaging with statistics extrapolated from direct quantitative answers.


Ziera designs footwear and handbags for style and comfort.

Supported by over 70 years of design and manufacturing experience, we are passionate about how our products look, fit and feel. With our intimate understanding and knowledge of women’s feet, we’ve refined the best possible solutions for all shapes and sizes to ensure that our customers are always comfortable as well as stylish. Today Ziera exports to over 800 speciality stores internationally and has 22 brand stores in New Zealand and 25 in Australia. Ziera knows that what we produce must meet the everyday demands of women conquering their busy lives. Not only must they look as good as they feel but also express unique personalities and allow every woman to stand on her own two feet...stylishly and painlessly.

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