The Porsche S4 shoe

You'd expect a pair of shoes created by Porsche Design to deliver the ultimate driving apparel, offering pedal feel and response like no other footwear. But the company's latest endeavour is in fact a running shoe that would probably hurt lap times rather than improve them.

Dubbed the Porsche Design Sport Bounce S4 running show, the men's footwear is priced at €400 a pair, which is close to $A600.

According to Porsche Design, the new show "blends luxury with ultra-lightweight performance" just Porsche road cars. While the outsole is made from rubber and the upper part from textiles – not very luxurious – there is an exotic element thanks to the inclusion of a carbon baseplate. Porsche Design says the stiff carbon plate works in conjunction with a flexing suspension to transfer "vertical impact into forward propulsion".

So the shoes could make you faster, perhaps as rapid as the world's fastest man Usain Bolt. However the Olympic champion is sponsored by Nissan, which is awkward...

They may also improve fuel efficiency for prolific users who hone their bounce technique.

The shoes' "futuristic" upper section is "engineered" for suppleness, flex and "a glove-like fit". Only one colour is available, black/black/fresh lemon.

Porsche Design also offers the Bounce S3 model for €210 ($310), a more affordable model that also offers "car-like suspension". It's like comparing the 911 to the Cayman: Similar response for half the price!

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