Simple Tips To Clean Winter Footwear

Taking care of winter footwear is essential as they tend to get smelly. Apart from this, cleaning winter footwear helps increase their life. Among all footwears, the shoes or sandals we wear get dirty easily. They need extra care and pampering. Boldsky presents some tips to clean winter footwear. Over time, any footwear gets worn out. However, with certain things, you can protect them. Keep in mind that it is better to pre-treat the footwear in order to avoid any damages. How To Know A Man By His Shoes? Shoes and boots are mostly exposed to a lot of moisture during the winters. This cause bacterial growth and to remove the odour, we have to remove the bacteria. We list down some simple tips which will help you in maintaining your winter footwear.
Stains If you have wet stains on your boots, use a piece of cloth soaked in vinegar to clean the stains. Pat dry the boots with a towel or cloth. In order to help the smell of vinegar dissipate, keep the boots in an airy room or near an open window. This is one of the tips to clean winter footwear. Scratches: Simply dip a q-tip in olive oil and rub it over the scratches. Wipe it off with a dry cloth. Scuffs Take some baking soda and water. Soak a soft cloth in water and then dab it into baking soda. Slowly rub on the scuff marks and clean it with a slightly damp cloth. This is one of the shoe cleaning tips that you must follow.
Soles Clean the liners and insoles of the boots. Some can be washed in machine. It will help remove the salt and dirt that cause damage to the boot. Let them air-dry before you set the liners back into the boots. Suede Care You can clean leather boots and shoes with water, but with suede, you need to be extra careful. Simply, rub off the overall dirt with an eraser and scrub them lightly with an emery board. To raise the nap of suede that's flattened, scrub briskly with a clean toothbrush or terry cloth towel. This is one of the effective tips to clean winter footwear

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