Clothing and Footwear Retailing in Brazil - Market Summary and Forecasts

"Clothing & Footwear Retailing in Brazil – Market Summary & Forecasts", report, published by Conlumino, provides a detailed analysis of both the historic and forecast market data of clothing and footwear retail sales across key channels in Brazil. In addition, it provides an overview of changing shopping trends, government policies towards business, the influence of various economic variables on the retail industry, the competitive landscape and detail of key retailers.

Key Findings
- The Brazilian retail sector withstands the economic downturn, and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 9.1% over the next five years to reach BRL1,976 billion by 2018
- The growing number of millionaires and emerging middle class will continue to make Brazil a major retail location
- International tourists boost retail sales in Brazil, duty free retailers are to benefit
- Brazilians strong fashion sense will continue to drive demand for clothing and footwear

- "Clothing & Footwear Retailing in Brazil – Market Summary & Forecasts" is a detailed sector report providing comprehensive analysis of the emerging trends, forecasts and opportunities in Brazilian clothing and footwear retail market
- The report is a result of a thorough analysis of consumer trends, and changing economic and population factors of the country.
- The report provides both qualitative and quantitative insights of the changing clothing and footwear retail dynamics across 11 retail channels and 6 sub-product sectors.
- It provides an overview of key retailers operating across the product segment and their presence across channels

Reasons To Buy
- The report provides a comprehensive overview of the Brazilian clothing and footwear retail market for companies already operating in and those wishing to enter the Brazilian market.
- Understand which channels will be the major winners and losers over the coming years and plan accordingly, with a comprehensive coverage covering 6 sub-product sectors that include: Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing, Children's Clothing, Men's Footwear, Women's Footwear, Children's Footwear.
- Benefit from a detailed analysis of vital economic and population trends and key consumer trends influencing the retail market.
- Monitor the competitive landscape with the analysis of key international and domestic players in clothing and footwear market.
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